Why a doodle mix?

Breeding a shedding dog (Golden Retriever, Bernese Mt. dog, Great Pyrenees) with a poodle produces a dog that will shed less or not at all.

  • Families with allergies love Bernedoodles, Pyredoodles and Goldendoodles, but would otherwise have problems with their purebred shedding parent.
  • Hybrid dogs are usually healthier from crossing two diverse gene pools (Poodle + Bernese). Often the puppy will have less health issues compared to either parent breed.
  • Bernedoodles are great family dogs
  • Bernedoodles have a very wide color range
  • Bernedoodles are usually calmer compared to some of their sister doodle mixes
  • Bernedoodles are living nearly double the life expectancy as the Bernese Mt. Dog
  • Poodles are incredibly smart whereas the Bernese are known for being clowns
  • In general Bernedoodles are easier to train and show greater intelligence than the purebred Bernese
  • It is easy to travel with a Bernedoodle typically because of the low to non-shedding and the smaller size.
  • They tend to like water and a variety of outdoor activities

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