Who raises your puppy before you matters

Most puppies have developed their personality by the time they are just three months old. A breeder will have that puppy for two of those three months. Because of this crucial time in your puppy’s life, it is essential to pick the right breeder. At The Canine Society we take the time to be there with your puppy. They get so much love, attention and care. They need it and we love doing it! Their health and socialization is our biggest priority.

Our puppies are kept safe and clean because we know how important it is for their development. We want them to be able to adjust to their new homes with as much ease as possible. To ensure that, we expose them safely to other people, pets and smells.

Our goal is to have the best dogs out there in the world, as either a service dog or your family member. You can bet that however much love you give your dog, they will return that tenfold.

There are currently puppies available in our (small) Standard F1b Bernedoodle litter of 11. Email us to find out how to get on the list and which puppies are still available thecaninesociety@gmail.com or text 4807669912.

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