Puppy Pick Day

Breeder reserved. Girl 1 is 8.12lbs she is a beautiful girl with 3 main spots on her back. One on the tip of her tail, a small dot on her lower back and a larger stripe in the middle of her back. She is the second to largest girl, though it’s a pretty close call. She’s unafraid of new dogs, not aggressive or overly timid. She has curlier hair and is already such a looker!

$3000. Girl 2 is currently 6.68lbs and the smallest of the litter. She is also the lightest in color as well. All of the puppies have the spot on the top of their tail but in addition to that she has the cutest freckle on her cheek (Marilyn vibes anyone?). On her back she has two spots in that lighter tan color. She is a confident girl, friendly and naturally gentle.

$3000. Girl 3 is 8.75lbs and the biggest girl. The vet wanted to keep her because she was immediately smitten. She has darker coloring and a maze of spotting on her back. She has the most narrow white on her forehead. She is an explorer, she wants to have fun and figure out her surroundings.

Reserved $3000. Girl 4 is 7.93lbs and she has a scrumptious face! Her markings remind us of Maui’s magic fish hook from the movie Moana – it’s a stretch but it sets her apart. She is a really good balance of personality as well as coloring. She isn’t the lightest or the darkest puppy. She’s really friendly and she also loves being outside.

Reserved $3000. Girl 5 is 7.75lbs and looks like she will be a tall slender girl more like her dad. She is very smart, observant and wants to please. It looks like her spots will have the striping also like her dad which is very striking. She has a good amount of curl.

Reserved $3000. Girl 6 is 7.56lbs and has one small spot on her back. She has the stunning mostly white coat. She really loves people and is just as happy to cuddle as she is to play outside.

Reserved. Girl 7 is 8lbs. We call her our LOL puppy because her spots look like LOL. She seems extra fun for just that reason but she has quite the bubbly personality as well once she feels comfortable. It doesn’t take her long to warm up.

Reserved $2500. Boy 1 is the biggest boy of the litter at 9.93lbs. He may look shy, but he’s our little flirt. He will have straighter hair and more likely to shed a bit more than some of his siblings, but he is one handsome guy. He will benefit from lots of socialization so he’s not too timid around new people or animals.

Reserved $2500. Boy 2 is 8.3 lbs and one friendly boy! He has a lot of spotting and will most likely have a loose wave. He’s a balanced boy who is pretty chill overall. He wants to have fun but he also loves a great napping spot.

Reserved $2500. Boy 3 is currently 8.05lbs. He has beautiful hair and is the darkest of the litter. He has a good amount of curl and will just have more as he gets older. He is curious and sweet. He likes to observe for a while before getting involved, he seems like he’s going to be more laidback than some of his siblings.