* These prices are a general guideline and prices per puppy are based on both the color and coat

All puppies are $2000 – 3000



  • Each and every puppy is lovingly handled from birth.
  • All puppies are held, played with, and socialized everyday; as well as ENS (Early Neonatal Stimulation) from their 6th day through their 16th day of age.
  • All puppies are raised using “puppy culture” principles and enrichment activities. 
  • Social Educational Puppy Visits for all clients that have deposits on a current litter, starting at 2 weeks of age.
  • Puppies come socialized to; dogs, kids, and adults
  • Every puppy becomes a well loved member of the family! This kind of care insures the best possible puppy!

PUPPY STARTER KIT (given at time of pickup)

  • 16 ounces of our puppy food.
  • Collar and leash
  • Bringing puppy home paperwork
  • Shot record

LIFETIME 24/7 Breeder Support & Lifetime Return Policy

  • No questions asked, re-homing service:
    • Buyer firmly agrees that if, for any reason in the lifetime of the said dog, that they can no longer keep him/her in their possession, they will relinquish ownership back to the breeder, with no questions asked. This allows the breeder to maintain a continuous safety net for every puppy produced throughout their entire lifetime. Under absolutely no circumstances is the buyer to abandon the dog in any animal shelter, rescue group/organization, humane society, foster home or any other type of facility for rehoming. Buyer is to contact breeder immediately to arrange for the dog’s return to the breeder.​ This does not mean any return of puppy price.

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