Meet the Parents

We run The Canine Society as a family. Some of us live in Gilbert, AZ and some of us live in Apple Valley, CA. Below are all of the parents between our two families. Our breeding dogs are first our pets and their puppies are handled with great care and love in our homes. We will hand deliver puppies born in Arizona to Southern California and visa versa. If you want more info, please call, text or email.

Freya our Great Pyrenees. She’s as sweet as she is beautiful. She was the mom of our last Pyredoodle litter who have proven to be amazing puppies and are low shedding with calm, even temperaments. Freya weighs 60 pounds.

Harley our F1 Bernedoodle mama had 11 puppies in her first litter. She produced tri-color, phantom, and sable puppies. Her puppies have great energy and enjoy the outdoors as much as they love being inside just like their mama. Harley is a fun-loving, energetic member of the family. Harley is a smaller Bernedoodle and weighs 45 pounds. We plan on having a litter with Harley and Bowie fall 2020.

Lucy (and her too-short haircut) is our F2 Bernedoodle. She’s a doll and her personality is a lot like Harley. She passionately loves her people and is expecting her first litter April 22, 2020. Bowie is the stud of this litter and we expect puppies to be 45-60 pounds full grown.

Nanook is our second Great Pyrenees she is 65 pounds and is Freya’s sister. Nanook is slightly more blocky and shorter than her sister. Her personality is very similar to her sister and is just calm, easy to please and is pretty content hanging out. She is expecting her first litter April 29th, 2020