Bringing Puppy Home: Best Items

Another food that is not found on Amazon that we like is the Nature’s Domain Puppy chicken and pea formula, our puppies go home with a bag of this food. This is a good option if you are looking for grain-free. *these are just our personal recommendations, please consult your vet on insight into the best food to give your furbaby as they can more tailor it to their specific needs, if necessary.

Also please note that we are continually refining our processes to best fit our puppies and our parent dogs and as we find new and better methods we may switch out items with an improved item.

We recommend for our standard Pyredoodle and Bernedoodle puppies this crate in the 42″. It comes with a divider which you will use as they grow to allow only enough room for them to comfortably lay down and sleep, otherwise it increases potty accidents in the crate. The double door version is also really nice to have.

We recommend soaking 2/3 cup of puppy food (for 15 min) with warm water twice a day for the first 3-4 months. Puppies tummies are often sensitive transitioning to a new home. Add 1/2 cup of soaked food when needed if puppy seems hungry still. Feed them at least two hours before bedtime to decrease accidents during the night. Overfeeding during the day can cause upset stomach, if this is the case then provide lots of smaller meals throughout the day. Pure pumpkin puree is also a good thing to mix in to harden stool slightly. If you decide on a different puppy food, mix in their current food very slowly for 2-3 weeks so as not to upset their stomachs.

Your puppy will come home with a collar, but they will outgrow it.

These leases are so nice for training purposes because of the double handle and it’s reflective for night use. *Please wait to take your puppy outside in public until they have had all of their shots* Practice using a leash at home for comfort of use.

We recommend a wide variety of toys. It’s best to rotate toys so they stay interested, although often times they find a favorite one! This toy is sturdy and squeaks so you get the best of both worlds. Always have a toy laying near your puppy so you can often redirect with a toy when they start to bite on anything they shouldn’t, which they will (teething) , so it’s best to be prepared.

A question we always get asked is that about grooming. Do not get them groomed before they are fully vaccinated, rabies included (yearly vax). We recommend getting your dog professionally groomed every 6-8 weeks after they are six months old. Cowboy Magic Shampoo, Conditioner and detangler is our absolute favorite. They will need baths (once a week) and brushing at least 3-4 times a week. Links to our favorite brushes below. Use your discretion as grooming needs may be different depending on how long you keep your dogs coat, how curly it is and lifestyle.

Great for everyday brushing.

This may cost a pretty penny but out of all the grooming products this may be the most helpful, effective and worth the money. Highly recommend!

What may work for many may not work for you and that’s okay, some things will be trial and error for your exact circumstance. Give something new at least several weeks to see if it will work, sometimes we change too rapidly especially when many things surrounding our puppy takes them several weeks to adjust to. Remember, all of these items and methods are recommendations. If you find something that works well for your puppy, great!

*If you are one of our puppy pawrents and recommend any tried and true products, please let us know!